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rolling stone's mouth

Christine Swint’s second winning submission for our September contest was written in response to Fernando de Sousa’s untitled photo of the Docklands, Melbourne. She thought the guard rail looked like the Rolling Stones’… Continue reading

plastic winter

Michelle McGrane created this postcard for our September contest in response to a photo (“Plastic Winter”) by Fernando de Sousa.

aerosol can man

Christine Swint created this poetry postcard for our September contest with a photo by Fernando de Sousa. (Compare with Rethabile Masilo’s postcard “the second day,” which used the same photo.)

never go swimming

Gregory Stapp created this piece for our September contest, using a photo by Fernando de Sousa.

the second day

Rethabile Masilo created this poetry postcard in GIMP with a photo by Fernando de Sousa. It’s one of six winners from our September contest. (We’ll publish another postcard made with the same image… Continue reading


Christine Swint created this postcard with an image by Fernando de Sousa, also called “666.” The beginning of her poem refers to the Bob Marley song, “Three Little Birds.”