the way to America

A postcard from 1909 showing the then-common habit of writing notes on the front of cards — one of the inspirations for this site. My great-great Aunt Millie was a missionary in Korea. Her… Continue reading

the playfair steps

The postcard comes to us from Edinburgh by way of Brittany: Anna Dickie took the photo, and Lucy Kempton added the words. It’s a bit of spillover from a collaboration for qarrtsiluni, which… Continue reading

dead souls

Nathan Horowitz sent us this postcard.

time to leave

James Brush made this card using one of his own photos. “This grew out of my fascination with bird migration and the fact that I’ve migrated a few times myself, ” he told… Continue reading


Tom Montag wrote the poem in response to a photograph by Marja-Leena Rathje, who then crafted the postcard.

down to the water

Ingrid Steblea sent us this poetry postcard.

weekend in Paris (4)

The last in this set by Tammy Ho Lai-ming.

weekend in Paris (3)

Another by Tammy Ho Lai-ming. Look for the fourth and final postcard in the series on Friday.

weekend in Paris (2)

Another in the series by Tammy Ho Lai-ming.

weekend in Paris (1)

Tammy Ho Lai-ming sent us this postcard, the first in a series of four.


Nathan Horowitz supplied the words to an image by Mikey G Ottawa for our second contest. It was one of three winning entries to use this image; the others were “yesterday’s news,” by… Continue reading

passing thru

Ren Powell made this card.

the trouble with ceiling solar systems

Ingrid Steblea sent us this poetry postcard.


Ren Powell made this card with an image by Mikey G Ottawa. Compare Emma Passmore’s treatment of this image in “last night I dreamt of circles” and Nathan Horowitz’s in “fisheye” — all… Continue reading

a new day

Tom Montag wrote the poem in response to an image from Marja-Leena Rathje, who then made and sent us this card.

chestnut barn

Ann E. Michael made this postcard.

dear you

Nathan Logan says, “Billy Collins inspired this poem.” He used a Creative Commons-licensed photo, “Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee!” by Queen Puff Puff, A.K.A. Nicole Vasbinder.

the little robot who couldn't

Christine Swint supplied the words to an image by Mikey G Ottawa for our second contest (compare Amy Elizabeth Thompson’s take on the same image). Christine used the free online photo editing tool… Continue reading


Leslie Miller sent us this postcard.

last night I dreamt of circles

This card by Emma Passmore is one of the winners of our second contest. She added her own words to an image by Mikey G Ottawa (compare Nathan Horowitz’s treatment of the same… Continue reading

the eyes say it all

Rasma Haidri made this postcard for our second contest, using Mikey G Ottawa’s photo “The Eyes Say it All” and lines from her unpublished poem “The Path of Truth.”

i miss you

Jessica Fox-Wilson sent us this postcard.


This postcard by Jean Morris seemed like the perfect note to end the year on. She writes, A year ago, on one of the first days of flinching cold such as we’re having… Continue reading

disco dreamz

Michelle McGrane created this postcard for our second contest with an image (Graffiti Behind Snow) by Mikey G Ottawa.


Jennifer Saunders sent us this postcard from Switzerland, where she lives. “I took this photo while hiking in the Alps,” she said. “Then, about 50 yards down the trail, I stopped, dug my… Continue reading

yesterday's news

Amy Elizabeth Thompson supplied the words to an image by Mikey G Ottawa for our second contest. This proved to be a very popular image for postcard-makers; we’ll be publishing several other winning… Continue reading


Nathan Horowitz supplied the words to an image by Mikey G Ottawa for our second contest. This was one of several winning entries to use that image; look for the others over the… Continue reading

in the clouds

Dinty Moore made this postcard from one of his own photos, inspired by a quote which he says he finds harder and harder to live up to the more he grows older: The… Continue reading


Ingrid Steblea sent us this poetry postcard.


Suzanne Allen created this postcard in Picnik, but also printed it out on photo paper, and says, “any submissions I send you may also be sold to whoever will buy them here on… Continue reading


Pamela Hart created this poetry postcard with one of her own photos. We admire the way she nested the poem into the picture for maximum visibility — always a challenge for longer poems… Continue reading


Words and picture by the London-based artist Natalie d’Arbeloff, who wrote: I took the photo on London’s South Bank. It shows the roof of the Hayward Gallery on which is standing one of… Continue reading


The text is by Jo Hemmant. The photo was taken by her brother, Michael Doyle, who was living in Amsterdam at the time. Cycling is one of the main means of transport there.

haiku crow

Sharon Brogan created this poetry postcard. She writes, “I suppose you could call this a collaboration among the snapshotting me, the messing around with digital art me, and the poet me.”


Jean Morris created this postcard with a photo she took in central London, looking north across the Thames between Waterloo and Westminster Bridges. The title, “Scape,” was inspired by Indian anthropologist Arjun Appadurai’s… Continue reading